About us Read below to find out more about us, our mission statement and why we think we can help you!

Who we are

CourseCrunch was made for Teachers by Teachers.  We provide a subscription based website platform designed to give a tutor the ability to share their knowledge with paying students, all over the world.  We offer a Revenue Sharing Venture whereby a teacher can become one of our partners with no financial investment required. We consider this an absolutely golden opportunity and pride ourselves by only taking on partners who are going to pass on the same quality of service to their students that we promise to pass onto them.  

We know where our talents lay and because of this we take on all of the laborious tasks such as Web design, payment collection, subscription management and hosting.  This allows our partners to focus their talents where they are truly needed; teaching.  

Mission Statement

CourseCrunch has one solid aim firmly in mind; provide a visually stunning learning platform that enhances a learners education as a revenue sharing venture to our partners.   Created by pedagogues for pedagogues. We don't want volume, we want teachers who provide a quality service to match our quality product. 

Our Customers are teachers who have a talent or skill they want to pass onto the world ranging from Musicians to Chefs.  Our unique learning platform enables tutors to enhance their video lessons with flashcards or subtitles as they see fit.   Better still, our customers require no upfront payment, this gives talented tutors in any situation the opportunity to operate their own Online Business.   CourseCrunch is built upon three core principles:

  • Quality - We provide a quality product designed by highly skilled professionals at the top of their industry
  • Learning - We have our tutors lessons at the forefront of our minds; we enable teachers to deliver the best possible lessons they can
  • Integrity - We never charge more than we have to.  Our service is based upon revenue sharing; we earn when our customers earn.  Our fee's are visible to our customers and nothing is hidden. 

Meet The Directors

Andrew Yates

Managing Director

Andy is our web specialist, if it needs code, he's your man. Andy is incredibly experienced, having over 18 years of experience in Web Development.

Daniel Christian

Managing Director

Dan is a veteran musician, educator and marketing expert. Grown from humble beginnings Dan has built a thriving online teaching business and has come to CourseCrunch to pass on his knowledge to other tutors.

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