Is being paid by the hour limiting your earning potential? Posted almost 3 years ago, in Teaching

Is being paid by the hour limiting your earning potential?

There will come a day when you won’t be able to work and that day is soon. Wow, that’s probably the bleakest start to a blog I’ve ever written. However, this is very true. We all have a limited working life, both through the willingness and the ability to perform our jobs well. In this article I’m going to highlight some of the flaws we often have in our jaded vision of work and how, with a few small changes, you can expand your earning potential infinitely and break the curse of the static hourly rate.

  1. You are a prisoner per hour.

The first reason you should beware the hourly rate is that you only have so many hours in the week. Considering that in some countries it is considered illegal to force someone to work more than 48 hours in a week, that gives most of us 8 hours everyday in which to earn as much money as possible. Let say for instance you were earning $20 per hour and your employer, the slave driver, gets as many hours as he can from you and that is 48. The maximum you can earn in one week is $960. That is your limit, you cannot earn any more than the $960 and you must sacrifice 48 hours of your life for that money. There is no leeway here you are forced to give up those 48 hours of your life for that money.

2. You are not immune…

The second reason you should be doing everything you can to escape the hourly rate is your immune system, holiday needs and friends/family commitments. If you work by the hour, it becomes expensive to become ill, it costs more to go on holiday and spending time with friends/family becomes a guilty pleasure, as you are fully aware that you are not being paid during these periods.and you could be. I’ll just throw something out there - what if you were being paid even though you were enjoying this free time? You’d be free to enjoy your time without feeling guilty or anguish about sacrificing pay.

3. Salary IS an hourly rate

None of the above applies to you, you’re on a salary! You’re immune to the confines of working for a fee per hour...wrong. If you are in a salaried position you are being paid for each hour you spend in work. Unfortunately, this often means that you must work more for your salary and this is often unpaid, severely handicapping the amount you earn vs time spent. You may have paid holidays, you may have sick pay but your hours spent working don’t effect the size of your pay packet at the end of the month. This is unfortunately even more true for abyss that is the teaching profession, no bonuses for your late night lesson planning, training and marking.

Stuck in a Rut…

Work is time consuming, a vocation takes over you life. Finding the time to do anything other than work, at times, seems impossible. I bet that you can think of a thousand things that need to be done during that free time you have between getting in from work and going to bed ready for the next day.  The first step to escaping the hourly rate is investment. Luckily, with CourseCrunch (providing the costly part of this plan for free) this isn’t one of those “for just a tiny fee…” type deals. The only investment you need to make is absolutely free - a small amount of your time. You need to invest a small amount of your free time now so that in the future you will have much more, truly, free time. You’re going to embark upon a journey, this journey will involve learning skills that you quite possibly don’t use in your daily job and this is going to take some time and commitment.

The Solution - How to quit your job and break the chains of the hourly rate…

A clone. Yep, you need a clone. The clone works 24/7, constantly does a great job for you, how? Well, you made it. The clone will happily work 365 days a year and it doesn’t need a toilet break and it even love to work through public holidays. There is always a downside, you need to tell it how to do your job, how to look after your customers, how to teach your skill to others, how to be friendly. CourseCrunch can give you your very own clone!

A game changing approach - your online subscription site

CourseCrunch was conceived on the principle of escaping the hourly rate. Imagine running an online tutoring site that grew and earned you money while you do the things you really want to do. The hours you spend on creating and growing your own website equate to an infinite amount of earning potential, that pays you even when you’re not working on it. Your own website releases you from the limits of working for an hourly sum. Your work will be repaid by students coming from around the world to learn from you. The unlimited number of customers that sign up to your online lessons don’t pay you by the hour. They pay you by the month, while you are on holiday, while you are nursing a warm blanket and bowl of chicken soup and while you are out enjoying quality time with friends and family.

We’ll create your own subscription website for you. What do you need to do? You need to invest some of your free time in creating quality content so that your site will grow and flourish. Learn how to create quality videos, you can already deliver quality lessons. If you can do this, the site will work for you and you’ll no longer have to worry about working those 48 hours for a set amount. You’ll be free to enjoy your time knowing that your clone is busy working for you.

Von nichts kommt nichts.

I have learned a lot from my wife over the years including this German saying that she often proclaims to me. “From nothing, comes nothing” reading this article so far might make you think I am offering you an opportunity for a fast buck. Well I’m not. I’m wanting to free you from the chains of the hourly rate but the beginning is going to be tough. To run a successful online site you are going to need to provide quality content. That will involve good quality video cameras and video and audio editing. If terms such as DAW, .mkv, .mp4, bitrate, resolution bring you out in a cold sweat then you’re going to have a rather steep learning curve but don’t let this put you off. You will need to do a little studying into how to use programs such as Adobe Premiere, Photoshop and possibly a Digital Audio Workstation. Many of our partners were totally unaware of these terms a few months ago and now have fully fledged websites up and running.

Your 11 steps to creating your own subscription website:

  1. Look into what video equipment and software will work best for your content

  2. View some tutorials on the possible software and see which you find the most approachable

  3. Begin to plan your first 20 or so videos

  4. Film your first test video, edit it, view it, show it to family.

  5. Film it again, edit again with better settings, view it.

  6. Start filming your first real video, edit, go over and over it looking for errors and begin to criticise yourself for speech clarity and video quality. Try to be your customer. Would you pay for this video?

  7. Add content to your subscription website

  8. Create a release schedule (we recommend ⅔ per week) make sure that your customers can see when and what content will be available to them.

  9. Begin to create, edit and upload the first batch of lessons to the site. (you need enough videos to keep your customers busy for a few months at launch)

  10. Pre-launch Marketing. Publish regular free videos to YouTube and set up social profiles, write blogs enticing in new customers and set up a mailing list for new and current customers.

  11. Launch your live site - post to social media, adwords and backlinks from other relevant sites.

If these steps haven’t scared you off and you are ready to run your own site around your current job (at least until your site takes off) then please get in touch and lets get you posting your content to the world.

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