How it works We setup your platform, you create your content, and you start earning as soon as you're ready!

Get started right away

You can get started whenever you're ready, the process involves a few simple steps but mostly it's down to you.

1. Sign on the dotted line

Once you're satisfied with the deal, we sign you up and create you your platform, this can be ready for you in just a matter of hours!

2. Create your courses

Create and upload your content, add some pages, upload some subtitles if you like, and select the packages you want to offer to subscribers.

3. Start earning big

You can start earning as soon as your content is ready, we take our 20% share of the revenue the rest is paid to you each month!

We encourage quality

While you might be eager to get started we try to encourage people not to rush, we think your brand name, and logo are important - you want to be recognised, you want to be unique, and above all else you want to offer your subscribers value for their money.

Don't worry if you're not sure what to call your site, or if you don't have the design skills to create your logo - we can certainly help you out there, leaving you to focus on your content.

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