Earnings We know at the end of the day it's all about the bottom line, we take a 20% revenue share, and that's all!

What it costs you

You'll be glad to hear that we charge no monthly or setup fee, rather we pay the hosting fees, maintain the software for you and take a 20% commission on your earnings. Here is what we do for our share:

  • We setup your platform
  • Provide hosting and maintenance
  • Ensure your videos are encoded to the best format they can be for web
  • Offer our support and advice
  • Provide a cloud based storage mechanism for subscribers to watch your videos
  • We shoulder the hosting and bandwidth costs
  • Supply the payment providers

So we earn if you earn, as such we're invested in your success.

Extra Options

We work hard to ensure you can be unique, your platform will be on it's own domain of your choosing, you can upload your own logo, and you can choose from a number of themes we offer. If that's not enough for you we offer additional extras to help you establish your uniqueness:

  • Professional logo design
  • Video intros for your lessons
  • Your own, unique web design
The price of customisations varies, but we're happy to go through the options with you!

Contact us Interested yet? or if you just want to know more, get in touch!

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