Recording Recording your content is up to you, there's no need for a recording studio or fancy equipment.

What you need to get started

In order to record your videos, you just need a good area to record and some basic video recording equipment - this could be anything from a simple webcam to a profession camcorder, the choice is your's so pick what works best for you. Many people already have some means of recording, with HD cameras built-in to their laptops, and mobile devices you likely don't need anything new.

If you're teaching a subject like music you will probably want to make sure you have a good microphone as typically built-in microphones won't capture the full range, but we're sure you know that already.

Besides the physical hardware you will need some editing software, our system provides you a means to publish your work but at the moment does not include editing capability. When you speak with us we'll make you some recommendations if you're not sure what to use.

Location, Location, etc.

The setting for your lessons may or may not be important to you, you may already have somewhere in mind or may want to find yourself a good space that compliments your material. Some partners prefer to use their living room, or some other room of the house to make the lessons seem less intimidating - others prefer a studio look, you can source a studio if you're able or if you'd like we can advise you as to setting up a small home studio.

Working around your busy schedule

We know you're probably very busy, and initially the recording process may take you some time to get the hang of things - if you're not familiar with video editing then this is something you may spend a while getting the way you like it. Once you're rolling though recording can take very little time. We have partners that fit their recording in between teaching their face-to-face students.

There are two important aspects to consider:

  • How many videos do you need to record before you launch your teaching platform? Remember people are going to be paying for it, so you need to offer equivalent value in content and that first impression is important. We suggest a minimum of 20 lessons.
  • How often are you going to publish new lessons? This depends on you, you may want to do just one or two per week, you may have the time to do one per day - you should consider your schedule and see how much you can fit in.
We suggest that no matter how many videos you intend to release and on what frequency, that you always release them consistently so that your subscribers always know when to expect new content.

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